Self Serve Junk Yard Safety Precautions

If you plan to cut costs by getting car parts from an auto salvage lot, you may save enough money to make your next car payment. If it is your first time using a salvage lot, you should be careful while on the property. A self serve junk yard is not a dangerous place, but basic safety precautions are applied to which customers should adhere to keep it that way.

No Smoking

A mechanic who smokes in his repair shop is playing with fire, literally. The same goes for people who smoke while removing parts at salvage yards. From oil to gasoline, used engines contain all sorts of substances that could easily go up in flames. Consequently, you will probably see plenty of no smoking signs at a salvage yard. If you have not broken the smoking habit yet, be sure to break it temporarily while you get the parts you need.

Avoid Wearing Open-Toed Shoes

Wearing open-toed shoes in a salvage lot is comparable to going without a hardhat in a construction zone. A heavy engine part could crush your foot and put you in a recliner for weeks. If it is football season, that might not sound like such a bad idea. As with ‘not smoking,’ not wearing open-toed shoes is one of the official rules at most self service auto salvage yards.

Do Not Bring Children Along

Children have a way of turning cotton balls into deadly objects, as well as becoming injured by pillows. The last place they need to be is in a self serve junk yard filled with row after row of unattended vehicles. If you want to teach your little ones about auto repair, do it in the comfort of your home garage. Besides, children under 18 are not allowed in most self service auto salvage yards.

No Drinking on the Job

If you like to have a few beers while doing auto work, it may feel natural to take the party to the salvage lot. Do not do it. In fact, do not do anything that could later be recalled in a country music song about wild times. Professional salvage lots are dedicated to providing a sober, safe environment for their customers, even if it makes the occasional social drinker cry in his beer.

Need a Spare Auto Part Today?

If so, Wrench-A-Part, a self serve junk yard with convenient locations in Austin and Belton, is here to help. Our auto salvage lots contain well over 5,000 cars total. If you need a wheelbarrow, wagon, chain hoist or an engine pulling A-Frame to help remove an engine or transmission at one of our locations, we will supply the equipment free of charge. To learn more about our inventory and services, browse through our website, or call us today.

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