For your safety

1. No jack stands allowed in the yard

2. No persons under the age of 18 allowed in the yard

3. No open toed shoes allowed in the yard

4. All bags will have the contents inspected both upon entering and exiting the facility

5. No Torches

6. No Grinders or any type tool that throw sparks

7. No customer parts are allowed in the yard

8. No Alcohol allowed on the premises. or anyone under the influence (acting or smelling of alcohol)

9. No smoking

10. Policy on Entry Fee:
Our policy is that customers are required to pay when entering any Wrench A Part facility. That payment will grant that customer unlimited entry into that particular facility for the entirety of that day. The entry paid at one Wrench A Part facility does not transfer to another facility on that day or any other.

Austin Wrench-A-Part
5055 Hwy 71 East
Del Valle, TX 78617

Current Inventory

Parts Hotline: 512-501-6946 ext. 1
Junk Car Buyer: 512-501-6946