The following is a list of common questions asked by our customers that should most likely answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the used auto parts procurement process. If you still have lingering questions after reading our Frequently Asked Questions page, please do not hesitate to Contact Us at your convenience.

A: Through our computer system, we can look up the part you need and provide the interchange information on it for you. This service is done free of charge. We will also give you a list of vehicles in our yard that may have the part for which you are looking. This list will include the year, make, model, color, stock number, and row location of the vehicles in our yard that may match your parts needs. Since we are a “U PULL IT” type yard, we cannot guarantee parts availability, you will need to come in and find the part and pull it off yourself. We have over nineteen acres and 2,250 vehicles at our Austin facility, we have over thirty acres and 3,000 vehicles at our Belton facility and thirty acres and 3,000 vehicles at our Lubbock facility. Taking into account the number of vehicles we have in our facilities, we have a huge selection of parts to satisfy your parts needs!

A: Your must bring your own tools, and pull your own parts. However, we do provide Wheelbarrows, Wagons, and Engine Pulling A-Frames for our customers to use FREE OF CHARGE! All of our parts-vehicles are up on wheel stands, and provide free access to any part you might need. Customers may not bring Jacks, Torches, or Power Tools into the yard. Battery powered tools ARE allowed.

A: Yes, we do sell used cars and trucks. We normally keep a good selection of inexpensive, fully functional and running vehicles for sale on site. Click Here

A: We are the top buyer for JUNK CARS in the central Texas area. We pay more for your junk cars and trucks than all other buyers, and we pick up from your location FREE! Call our Austin area buyer at 512-247-2274 if you are located in Georgetown or south of Georgetown. Call our Belton buyer at 254-939-6700 if you are located anywhere north of Georgetown. Call our Lubbock buyer at 806-748-5865 if you are located anywhere in Lubbock or the surrounding areas.

A: We consistently pay MORE for junk cars and wrecks than all other junk car buyers in the area. If you have a vehicle you would like to sell, please call us for a quick, free quote, or, fill out the form we’ll get back to you ASAP!

A: Yes, we will pick up your junk car or wreck free with our wrecker!

A: Yes, we must get the title when we buy your vehicle. In lieu of the title, we can also accept an “Auction Sales Receipt,” “Mechanic’s Lien,” “Storage Lot Lien,” or a “Repossession Affidavit.” Be sure to describe to your buyer what documentation you have so they can verify validity of the document!

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