Recycle My Wrecked Car: Why Selling It to Us is a Great Option

When you think about recycling a vehicle, a junkyard probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. After all, junkyards specialize in buying end-of-life vehicles and selling parts to consumers, right? Yes — and from a recycling standpoint, therein lies value of selling your end-of-life vehicle to a professionally operated junkyard, such as Wrench-A-Part.

Re-circulating Vs. Recycling

There are two basic ways to repurpose used car parts to benefit the environment: recycling them by crushing them and melting them down to create new parts, and keeping them in circulation by selling them to a junkyard, which then sells them to consumers.

The value of recycling auto parts gets more attention than the value of re-circulating them, but the latter option is actually the best for a simple reason: Little if any energy is expended in recirculating parts, but recycling parts can require lots of energy, which can result in carbon emissions that aren’t good for the environment by a long shot, not to mention solvent emissions that result from degreasing recycling equipment to keep it in top operating condition.

Eventually, like all other auto parts, the components junkyards sell make their way to a recycling outfit or — in the case of non-recyclable parts — a landfill. However, keeping parts in circulation as long as possible naturally reduces emissions and curbs landfill use — two things that any educated environmentalist would consider good for our ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be paid if I recycle my wrecked car through a junkyard? This is the most common thing drivers want to know before they sell. Usually, the answer is a few hundred dollars, although popular makes and models that have lots of usable parts could fetch more.

Another commonly asked question is: If I recycle my wrecked car through a junkyard, what will the business do with components from the vehicle that don’t sell? The answer depends on the junkyard. If a junkyard’s business model includes forwarding unsold recyclables to recyclers, the business will do what it can to ensure that materials don’t end up in a landfill.

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Should I recycle my wrecked car by selling it a junkyard? As long as the business recycles as many unsold vehicle materials as possible, there’s no reason why the answer shouldn’t be yes. This is how Wrench-A-Part operates. We recirculate used car parts by selling them, and work with recyclers to have materials we don’t sell recycled instead of hauled to a landfill.

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