Reasons to Get Auto Parts from a Self Serve Junk Yard

Whether you are a do it yourself mechanic or a person who is clueless about cars, there are several reasons to get auto parts from a self serve junk yard instead of ordering them from a repair shop. If you drive a vehicle for many years, it will eventually experience mechanical trouble. When it does, heading to an auto salvage lot should be your first option for getting the components you need to fix your vehicle. Below lists the reasons why:

Saving Money on Repair Bills

Even if a mechanic repairs your vehicle, you can save money by getting a replacement part from a salvage lot instead of having the repair shop order the component. This is especially true if you drive a foreign vehicle whose components cost more to ship than domestic parts. Garages earn most of their money by charging for labor, so they will not look at you funny or turn you away if you show up with your own components.

Used Parts Can be as Good as New

One of the biggest misconceptions about salvage lots is they only contain early model vehicles. While you should find plenty of old cars and trucks in a big salvage lot, you will also find many late model vehicles there because they were “totaled,” which means that repairing them would cost more than the insurance company would pay. Often, these vehicles have working components unaffected by the accident that landed them in the salvage lot.

Plenty of Heritage Parts

If you have an old vehicle whose components are hard to find, an auto salvage lot can be your best friend. If you are trying to restore a historical vehicle needing a large piece such as a hood, a door, or a trunk lid, buying it from a salvage lot is a lot less expensive than buying it from a specialty car shop or having a car builder fabricate the piece. In many cases, used exterior components simply need some light bodywork to look as good as new.

Great Way to Get Spare Parts

Some vehicles have a particular component known for malfunctioning, such as a starter or a thermostat. Sometimes this happens because a third party whose quality control process was sub par manufactured the piece. One choice is to replace the piece with a more reliable component from a different manufacturer, but getting the part from a self serve junk yard is a good way to save time and money. You may also be able to find multiple parts that can be used for backup. Therefore, if the component malfunctions again, you will have a spare one with which to replace it.

Good for the Environment

For more than seventy-five years, automotive recyclers have provided replacement parts while conserving the environment. In fact, the automobile is the most recycled consumer product in the world today. Nearly every part on a car can be recycled to use in a new vehicle or another consumer product. The automotive recycling industry is a $25 billion per year industry. In the United States, about twenty-six vehicles are recycled every minute. Recycling end of life vehicles is not only good for the environment it helps consumers find a good quality replacement part for a fraction of the cost of a new part.

Come to Wrench-A-Part for Replacement Parts

Wrench-A-Part is a self-serve junk yard that helps you save money on car repairs and car projects. You can use our website to search for the make and model of the vehicle for the components you need. We can also search our inventory for the specific year make and model of the vehicle you are looking for and print a list with the row location of each vehicle matching the search criteria. You can also search the inventory yourself on before you drive to our auto salvage lot in Austin or Belton. To learn more about our inventory and services, visit our website, or call us today.

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