Why Choose Us as Your Pick and Pull Junkyard in Lubbock, TX?

If you are looking for a pick and pull junkyard in Lubbock, TX, you won’t find a shortage of options. Plenty of junkyards in Lubbock would be happy to sell you auto parts, but if you insist on experiencing the best customer service, and buying parts as affordably as possible, Wrench-A-Part is tough to beat. When you do business with us, you receive several important benefits that many of our competitors don’t offer. Below are four examples of what we mean.

Searchable Online Inventory

You don’t have to drive to our location to see if we have the vehicle from which you need parts. Instead, you can search our inventory online and see if we have the car you need in our salvage lot. Searching our inventory will only take you a few minutes. If you find the vehicle you’re looking for, you can then call our location to determine whether we have the parts you require.

Warranties on Parts

Many people are nervous about buying used car parts because they fear the components are unreliable. That is one reason why we offer a warranty program in which you can buy a warranty for $1 per part per day. If you install the part in your vehicle and it fails during the warranty period, just bring it back to where you bought it to receive reimbursement or a better part that works like new.

Assistance When Needed

If you need a pick and pull junkyard in Lubbock, TX, that will assist you with transporting parts and removing large parts, Wrench-A-Part is the place to come. We provide engine pulling A-frames to help customers remove engines, and we offer wagons and wheelbarrows to help them transport parts to the payment area. At Wrench-A-Part, we put customer needs first.

Other Convenient Locations

If our pick and pull junkyard in Lubbock, TX, doesn’t have the vehicle from which you need parts, check the online inventory of our other locations in Austin and Belton. Each location has a different inventory of vehicles that frequently changes. Wrench-A-Part acquires new salvage cars daily, so don’t forget to check our inventory frequently to find what you need.


There are several great reasons to make Wrench-A-Part your junkyard of choice: we have a searchable online inventory, offer warranties on parts, provide assistance to customers when needed, and have two additional locations to our one in Lubbock. If you need to save money on auto parts, come to one of our locations and buy the components you need for a steep discount. For more information about our services, call our Lubbock location today at (806) 748-7278.

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