Why Buy Used Vehicles for Sale From a Junkyard?

When most people are in the market to buy used vehicles for sale, they head to an auto dealership to check out the used car inventory. However, there are several reasons to consider buying used vehicles for sale from a junkyard instead. When you buy a used car from a junkyard instead of a dealership, you typically receive the following benefits, among others.

Lower Price Markup

Auto dealers are well-known for marking up the price of used vehicles to an amount that is well beyond what auto industry price guides indicate the vehicle is worth. In fact, a markup of 45 percent is common. Junkyards, on the other hand, typically have lower markups, and the prices for the vehicles are often considerably less that what you would find at an auto dealer.

No Salvage Titles Being Sold as Used

Most junkyards have plenty of plenty of vehicles that have salvage titles, but they don’t sell them as used cars that are intended for transportation. Conversely, some auto dealers don’t mind selling used cars with salvage titles after they repair damage to the vehicles. Because a salvage title indicates that an automobile has been seriously damaged or “totaled” by an insurance company, it is risky, to say the least, to use the vehicle for dependable transportation.

Less Mechanical Issues

When professional junkyards buy a used vehicle, they typically restore the vehicle inside and out (with the exception of new paint jobs) in order to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Most of all, you can depend on the vehicle to have no mechanical issues when you buy it. After all, a junkyard has plenty of auto parts with which to improve the condition of used cars.

No Junk Vehicles Being Sold as Used

Some junk vehicles are still operational but have mechanical issues that prevent them from being reliable. At a junkyard, you will find these cars in the salvage lot and not in the used car lot. While most junkyards could invest the time and resources to turn a junk car into a reliable used vehicle, doing so would be cost prohibitive compared to buying used vehicles, making a few mechanical and aesthetic improvements, and then listing the cars in the used vehicle inventory.

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