Which Junk Car Removal Services Give You The Most Value?

The value of selling a junk car is partly based on which junk car removal services you receive for free. Most salvage vehicles are worth hundreds of dollars, but how much of that money you pocket depends on the cost of car removal services, if they cost anything at all. The goal, of course, is to find a junkyard that offers junk car removal services free of charge. When you sell to a junkyard that offers the following services for free, you keep the most money from the sale.

Price Quote

Receiving a free price quote amounts to receiving what would be considered a free consultation

in other lines of business. Free price quotes are often given out over the telephone. When this is the case, the quote you receive may not be set in stone. Most salvage lots would like to inspect a vehicle firsthand before they make a final offer. Nevertheless, when it comes to which junk car removal services offer the most financial value, a free price quote is certainly one of them.


When a junkyard is interested in buying your vehicle, they will dispatch a tow truck to your property. The tow truck operator is qualified to inspect the vehicle, and will proceed to do so. A junkyard is certainly at liberty to charge a vehicle inspection free. Thankfully, however, most salvage lots choose to perform free inspections as an incentive for the seller to make the sale.

In you are selling a junker, the inspection will assess the value of the vehicle’s usable parts.


When it comes to which junk car removal services have the most value, towing is at the top of the list. Towing a vehicle typically involves two fees that add up to hundreds of dollars: a fee for hooking the vehicle up to the truck, and another fee for transporting it to the destination. In most cases, if you pay for towing, you end up with little if any money left over from selling a junk car. This is why it is essential to sell to a junkyard that offers free towing services to customers.

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