Which Junk Car Removal Services Does Wrench-A-Part Offer?

If you have an old jalopy sitting on your property, there is a good chance that a junkyard would be interested in buying it. However, because junkyards offer different services, choosing the first salvage lot you find on the Internet may not be the best idea financially. You want to do business with a junkyard that offers a range of services that maximize the value of the sale, especially the services below, which are junk car removal services that Wrench-A-Part offers.

Free Inspection and Estimate

Before you sell your vehicle, the buyer should inspect it to assess the value of its components. The value of a junker is based on the value of its salable components and scrap metal. Wrench-A-Part will calculate the value of your automobile based on these considerations and offer you a competitive price.

Free Hook Up and Towing

Some junkyards charge a fee for hooking the vehicle up to the tow truck and another fee for transporting it to the yard. Considering that the worth of a junk vehicle is usually hundreds of dollars, charging for hook up and towing essentially negates the value of selling the vehicle. This is why Wrench-A-Part offers free hook up and towing.

Acceptance of Various Ownership Documents

Most people who sell a junk vehicle prove they own the automobile by supplying a title of ownership. However, there are also other documents that prove ownership, such as an auction sales receipt, mechanic’s lien, storage lot lien, or repossession affidavit. Wrench-A-Part accepts any of these documents as proof that you own the automobile.

Paid in Cash in the Spot

Before the two truck rolls away with your vehicle, you need to be paid in exchange for the ownership document. Before we take away your clunker, Wrench-A-Part will pay you the full value of the vehicle in cash. This is the best type of sales exchange to receive from a junkyard.

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Which junk car removal services do you need in a junkyard? A free inspection and estimate, free hook up and towing, acceptance of various ownership documents, and payment in cash on the spot are four of the most important services, and which are junk car removal services Wrench-A-Part offers. For more information about our services and inventory, call our location in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today.

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