Which Junk Car Removal Services Do You Need to Sell Your Car?

Junkyards that purchase vehicles offer different services. If you are planning to sell a car to a junkyard, the goal is to choose a buyer whose services help you receive the most profit. If you are not sure which junk car removal services you need to receive the most profit, check out the list below. These services will help to ensure that you conduct the most profitable transaction.

Free Towing

If you have read that you must tow your vehicle to the junkyard, don’t believe it. It is true that some salvage lots require you to pay them for towing the vehicle, or tow it yourself, but there are also junkyards that offer free towing, no strings attached. When it comes to which junk car removal services save you the most money, free towing is at the top of the list.

Free Inspection

The value of a junk car is predicated on the value of its salable parts. Therefore, you want the prospective buyer to perform a free inspection of the following areas of the vehicle: engine, brake components and tires, cabin, body, underside. There are the areas where salable parts are located. After inspecting these areas , a junkyard can quote you a price that is truly fair.

Ownership Transfer

Selling the vehicle means you have to transfer ownership to the buyer. In addition to making the transaction legal, transferring ownership also legally separates you from the car once it is out of your hands. If the vehicle were to injure someone, you would be free of any liability associated with the vehicle. Transfer of ownership typically takes a of couple of days to complete.

Instant Payment

You should be paid on the spot after you relinquish ownership of the vehicle. To decrease the cash they have on hand from selling low-priced auto parts, many junkyards will offer to pay you in cash. This is the ideal way to be paid, as it eliminates the possibility of a bounced check. At Wrench-A-Part, we frequently pay our customers in cash for their junk vehicles.

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Which junk car removal services do you need to sell your car? The services Wrench-A-Part offers is the answer. We consistently pay more for junk vehicles than the competition, and help you keep money from the sale by offering free towing. For more information about our junk car removal services, contact our location in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today.

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