Which Junk Car Removal Services Do You Need From a Salvage Lot?

If you need to sell a junk car, you may wonder which junk car removal services you really need from a salvage lot. There are lots of junkyards out there, and many of them offer different services. In terms of getting the most money for your vehicle and liquidating it with the least amount of hassle, below are the four junk car removal services you need from a salvage lot.

Sends a Tow Truck to Your Location

If your junk vehicle isn’t drivable or runs poorly, you need a salvage lot to travel to your location to pick it up. Most junkyards will dispatch a tow truck to pick up a vehicle. Those that don’t are typically low on resources or are operated by private individuals as side businesses. Having a junkyard send a tow truck to your location makes it easier and safer to sell your old clunker.

Offers Towing Services for Free

Almost every salvage lot will send a tow truck to your property, but not all junkyards offer free towing. Some charge a hook up fee, others charge for transporting the vehicle, and still others charge for both. Nevertheless, there are plenty of salvage lots that do offer free towing. Using a junkyard that offers free towing, such as Wrench-A-Part, can save you hundreds of dollars.

Final Offer is Based on Inspection

It’s fine to receive an initial offer online or over the phone, but you want the final offer to be based on an inspection of the vehicle. Because the value of junk cars is based on the usefulness of their parts, a salvage lot must inspect them to offer a fair final price. Use initial quotes to do a price comparison, but be sure that your vehicle is inspected before you accept an offer.

Pays You Before Towing the Vehicle

Junkyards know that they need to pay you when you sign over proof of ownership for the vehicle, and the good junkyards always do. When it comes to which junk car removal services you need from a salvage lot, receiving payment on the spot is the service you need most. A salvage lot should ideally pay you in cash in exchange for the vehicle’s ownership documents.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

Which car removal services do you need from a salvage lot? To get the best price and liquidate your vehicle as easily as possible, choosing a salvage lot like Wrench-A-Part, which travels to your location, offers free towing, makes a final offer based on a firsthand inspection, and pays you on the spot is the best option. For more information, call us today at (806) 745-2274.

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