Which Junk Car Removal Services Do Junkyards Offer for Free?

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle to a junkyard, you are probably interested to know which junk car removal services junkyards offer for free. Because a single junk car can have thousands of dollars of value for a junkyard, the business typically offers free services to prospective customers as an incentive to make them sell. Which junk car removal services are typically free? In most cases, a junkyard will offer you the following services free of charge.

Price Estimate

You can often receive a free price estimate for your vehicle over the phone. Although the final offer is likely to be based on a firsthand inspection of the vehicle, receiving a free initial estimate will give you a good idea of how much a junkyard is willing to pay for your automobile.

Vehicle Inspection

Before it purchases your vehicle, the junkyard will travel to your location and conduct a fast, firsthand inspection of the car. While junkyards could easily charge for this service, they typically offer it for free because it takes so little time, and encourage the car owner to sell.

Towing Services

When it comes to which junk car removal services offer the most value, free towing is at the top of the list. Hooking a vehicle up to a tow truck and transporting it to a junkyard can easily cost hundreds of dollars. In order to earn a reasonable profit from the sale, you need free towing.

Change of Ownership

Change of ownership is another fee that junkyards could tack onto the transaction if they felt so inclined. After you exchange proof of ownership for payment, the buyer performs the administrative procedures necessary to put the vehicle in its name — all free of charge.

Looking For a Good Junkyard?

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