Where To Get a Duplicate Vehicle Car Title

So you are thinking of selling your car, but no matter where you look, you just can’t seem to find your car title. There’s no need to fret because this is something many people go through. People tend to misplace or damage their car titles or end up with it stolen or lost. With so many possible things that may happen to your car title, it’s now relatively easy to get a duplicate car title.

You can apply for a duplicate title to sell car for cash either online, through the mail or by personally visiting the DC DMV service center with the required documents and fee. An online application is the best option if there are no changes to be made to the title like changing owners or removing a lien. Just visit your DC DMV website and click on their link for applying for a duplicate car title.

Another option is mailing all the documents and fee to your DC DMV office. The third option is to personally head to the DC DMV center with the documents and fee.

Stolen or lost title

If the title was stolen or lost, you need to additionally produce your certificate of Title/Temporary Tag Application signed by all owners, a valid photo of the vehicle owners, copy of your valid driver’s license, a Vehicle Power of Attorney form if you aren’t the owner and some vehicle identity information like vehicle registration, identification number or renewal notice.

Sometimes, you may need a duplicate car title just because the lien on the vehicle is satisfied. In this case, you need additional documents like a letter on the financer’s letterhead stating the lien is satisfied, the loan agreement with the stamp ‘paid’, and title from the financial institution stamped with the lien release.

Dealer applying for duplicate car title

Dealers can also apply for a title to sell a car for cash on your behalf by paying the fees and producing required documents either by mail or in person at the DC DMV service center. They have to also produce a Certificate of Title/Temporary Tag Application, a copy of the customer’s driving license or identification card if it’s a non-driver and a Vehicle Power of Attorney form.

Whatever the reason may be to apply for a duplicate title, you have to wait for it because it’s not available over the counter. The car’s primary owner receives it within 10 business days of processing.

Wrench-A-Part will not only buy your car from you, no matter what condition it may be in, but also help you apply for a duplicate car title if you need to.

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