What You Need to Know About Buying Used Car Parts From A Junkyard

Getting used car parts at a junkyard in Texas can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying them from an auto dealership or a mechanic’s garage. However, before you head to a junkyard to save a small fortune on auto parts, it is important to understand how pulling parts at a junkyard works, and what you must to do remain within the rules of the salvage lot. Below is basic overview of what you need to know before buying used car parts at a junkyard in Texas.

Bring Your Own Tools

Junkyards don’t supply customers with common tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. So, you will need to bring the tools required to remove the parts you plan to buy.

Request Help With Pulling an Engine

If you need to remove an entire engine, a junkyard will provide you with a tool you probably don’t have at home: an engine pulling A-frame. This tool makes it easy to lift an engine from a vehicle.

Ask for Assistance With Transporting Parts

In addition to providing an engine pulling A-frame, a junkyard will also supply wagons and wheelbarrows to help you transport the parts you pull to the payment destination.

Wear the Right Clothing

Many junkyard require you to wear closed toe shoes. It is also helpful to wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and work gloves to help protect yourself from engine grime and sharp edges.

Don’t Create a Fire Hazard

Avoid using a cutting torch to remove parts. You should also avoid smoking while in the salvage lot. Used car engines can contain flammable residues that ignite when showered by sparks.

Leave the Party at Home

Common sense tells one to avoid drinking in the salvage lot or showing up at the lot intoxicated. Removing parts requires you to maintain good balance, so be sure to save happy hour for later.

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