What Tools Are Needed to Remove Junk Yard Car Parts?

What tools are needed to remove junk yard car parts? Ultimately, the answer depends on the type of parts you need to remove. However, to arrive at a junk yard fully prepared, it helps to bring the things listed below with you. An engine pulling A-frame is an exception. Many junk yards keep a few of these pieces of equipment on hand to help customers remove whole engines. A wagon may also be provided to transport the engine to the payment counter.

Ratchet Wrench Set

If you ask what tools are needed to remove junk yard car parts, a wrench set will likely be one of the first answers. Yet, why mess around with a big set of wrenches when you can use a set of ratchet wrenches instead? Ratchet wrenches work the same as traditional wrenches. However, they can provide more leverage to unscrew bolts and help you remove bolts that are located in tight spaces. Bring a set of ratchet wrenches and you likely won’t need to bring a single wrench.

Screwdriver Set

You should also bring a screw driver set that contains various sizes of Phillips screwdrivers and flat head screwdrivers. While it is commoner to find engine parts bolted in place instead of screwed in place, there are still plenty of engine components that feature support screws in addition to sturdy bolts. With a screwdriver set, you will be set to remove these screws.

C-Clamps / Sturdy Wire

C-clamps and sturdy wire are useful for holding long parts in position while the bolts and screws that secure them under the hood are removed. In some cases, not supporting the portion of a long component that has had bolts and screws removed can cause the component to warp under its own weight, as it hangs loose while the remaining bolts and screws are removed.

Medium Size Hammer or Mallet

Even after the hardware that holds a part in place has been removed, it may still be bonded to other parts due to the heated compression of grime and engine fluids between the pieces. The bonds are often relatively weak and can be broken by hand. For bonds that are tough to break, you may need to give the part a few gentle taps from a medium size hammer or rubber mallet.

Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil isn’t a tool, which means it isn’t listed in response to the question: What tools are needed to remove junk yard car parts? However, the oil can be just as valuable as a tool for removing used components. Over time, nuts, bolts, and other fixtures can become stuck in place. Penetrating oil frees up the bonds by sending lubrication into the smallest crevices.

Engine Pulling A-Frame

If you need to remove a whole engine, you will need the help of an engine pulling A-frame to accomplish the task in a safe, hassle-free manner. Thankfully, many salvage lots provide engine pull A-frames for free to customers that need to remove engines. Remember, though, that you would still have to use the equipment on your own. So, you may want to bring extra manpower.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junk yard that has a large inventory of salvage vehicles and used vehicles that still drive. If you want to pull parts from our salvage vehicles, bringing the tools listed above will only help. However, if you need to pull a whole engine, an engine pulling A-frame will be provided free of charge to help you remove it. To find out if we have the car from which you need parts, browse through our online vehicle inventory today.


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