What Should You Bring to a Salvage Yard

One thing you need to remember if you want to look for used car parts at the junkyard is that you need to bring your own tools. Don’t think or assume that the salvage yard will rent out tools for you to use by the hour or something! So if it’s the first time you are looking for used car parts, here is some help with the necessary preparation at junk yards.

Salvage yards do remove some parts and place them on display. However, they are generally dangerous parts like batteries, environmentally hazardous parts like mercury switches and fluids, and even legally incompliant parts like some metals and catalytic converters. They, however, do not pull out any other car parts for customers.

Wheelbarrows and hoists are provided

You need to carry the right tools with you to remove the required auto parts. So take along common tools like spanners, screwdrivers and even wires to hold certain parts intact while removing other connected parts.

There’s no need of bringing a jack because all the cars are displayed on stands in most salvage yards. This is, in fact, the best way to remove parts at junk yards. Most yards also provide A-frames and hoists, which makes it so much easier to remove an engine or transmission. They also provide either a wheelbarrow to haul the engine to the entrance or a lift to lift it.

What you shouldn’t take along with you

Salvage yards usually don’t permit torches, jacks or grinders in the yard because open flames are dangerous and can cause damage or injury. However, you can bring along small generators, jumper boxes and battery powered tools if you need them to quickly get the job of removing auto parts done. You are also not permitted to bring along any lead acid batteries like motorcycle or car batteries or filled gas cans.

If you are unsure about what tools can and cannot be brought to the salvage yard, turn to your local mechanic for help. Don’t worry; most yards will give a helping hand at removing engines, transmissions or anything large.

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