We Buy Junk Cars

Need cash? We buy junk cars!

For those who have held on to their old car or truck and are ready to get rid of it, Wrench-A-Part will buy your junk car for cash and pick it up for free! We buy junk cars at all five of our Wrench-A-Part locations.

Your junk vehicle will add to our resourceful used auto parts yard and become valuable parts to someone who needs them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Whether your car is running or not, we’ll buy it! Often times these are vehicles that have major mechanical issues or are at the end of their life and are better used for recycling. Rather than let it go to waist, customers are able to use the working parts to repair other vehicles.

To get a quote simply call the number closest to  your location or fill out a form online.

Austin Location 877-886-5739

Belton Location 254-831-4905 ext. 1

Lubbock Location 806-748-5865

Holland Location 254-831-4905 ext. 1

San Antonio Location 210-951-5000

One of our team members will contact you to ask a few questions regarding your vehicle. A title is required. We will give you a quote during this call and if you agree we will arrange to have the car or truck picked up for free. Sellers will receive the cash for their junk car at pick up.

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