Using a Pick and Pull Salvage Yard in Belton, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

Junkyards (a.k.a. salvage yards) let you pick and pull your own auto parts. In addition to saving you money, getting parts from a junkyard instead of a mechanic’s shop or an auto dealership can assist with the automobile recycling process. After usable parts from a salvage car are sold, the scrap metal is sent to a vehicle recycler for processing. If you need some basic information about using a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, the questions below should be helpful.

Can I view a junkyard’s vehicle inventory online?

Some junkyards list their vehicle inventory online. For example, Wrench-A-Part lets you search its inventory of salvage vehicles and used cars by visiting our business website. Using the internet to search for the vehicle from which you need parts saves you time and money.

How steeply are salvage auto parts discounted?

Many salvage parts cost 50 percent less than their original price, and finding parts for 75 percent off the original price isn’t uncommon. Rare parts from vintage automobiles can be an exception. If the parts have more value than parts from newer vehicles, they may cost a bit more.

What tools do I need to bring to the salvage lot?

In most cases, parts can be successfully removed with tools that are commonly found in a personal toolbox, specifically: a wrench set, a screwdriver set, and a ratchet wrench set. Some additional tools that can help you remove parts are a mallet, C-clamps, and sturdy pliers.

What if a part is too large to remove on my own?

If you need to remove a part that is too large for you to remove without assistance, the junkyard should provide hardware to help you remove the part safely. For example, if you need to remove an entire engine, Wrench-A-Part will provide an engine pulling A-frame to remove the large part.

Is it possible to get a warranty for salvage parts?

A pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, may offer warranties for salvage parts. For example, Wrench-A-Part has a warranty option of $1 per part per day. A vehicle is a major investment. Opting for a warranty helps you protect your investment in your automobile.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

If you are looking for a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, choose Wrench-A-Part. Our broad inventory of vehicles contains a variety of makes and models, from new domestic vehicles to well-used foreign vehicles. To find out if we carry the vehicle from which you need parts, just browse through our inventory online. If we have the right vehicle in stock, feel free to call us at (254) 831-4905 to see if the automobile contains the components you need.

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