Used Car & Truck Parts

The junkyard is one of the best places to visit for car parts. You can save money because junk yards sell used parts at affordable prices. However, you can’t just visit a salvage yard and pick up parts like you do at a hardware or auto parts store.

You have to find and remove your own used car parts from vehicles in the junkyard. So if you are new to this, it is better to keep the following tips in mind when buying used car and truck parts.

1. Perform an online check

Don’t waste time heading to the junkyard only to find out that the junkyard doesn’t have the parts you need. Start your search from home by checking a few online vehicle inventories. Most of the professional salvage yards list their vehicle inventories on their business websites.

A visit to the inventory lets you know if the junkyard has the vehicle you need your part from. Though the inventory lists the vehicles in the junkyard, you need to personally visit the junkyard to find out if it has the parts you need.

2. Check the junk yard’s safety policies

Read the professional salvage yard’s safety policies listing how visitors should behave while in the junkyard. These rules include no smoking, no use of flame cutters and wearing close-toed shoes for safety purposes. Most junkyards ask you to leave the premises if you are caught violating their policies.

3. Tools

While junkyards sell used car parts, they don’t have the tools you need to remove them available to loan. They may at the most have an engine pulling A-frame to remove engines and a wheelbarrow for wheeling parts to the office and paying for them. You need to bring your own screwdrivers, mallets and other tools for removing used car parts.

4. Get help

It’s always better to bring someone along to help you if you need large parts like an engine or flatbed. Don’t assume that the junkyard will provide the necessary manpower or help to physically remove parts too. You have to bring as many people you think you require to get your used car and truck parts.

Now that you know how to buy used car and truck parts from a salvage yard, it’s time to visit a junkyard like Wrench-A-Part. This salvage yard boasts of an extensive inventory of used vehicles and lemons so there’s a high chance of getting your desired used car parts here.

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