Used Car Parts for Sale in Austin Texas: What to Bring to the Junkyard

If you are shopping for used car parts for sale in Austin Texas a junkyard is a good place to buy them, especially if you are on a budget. Junkyards offer low prices on automotive components for two reasons: the parts are used, and the customer removes them from the vehicle. If you plan to buy used car parts in Austin from a junkyard, you will need to bring your own tools to remove the components. Below is a list of tools that will help you remove auto parts.
Wrench Set
Whether you have a traditional set of wrenches or a ratchet set that contains standard and metric sockets, you should bring a variety of sizes to help you remove components. Automotive hardware is torqued to specifications, and with the combination of rust, parts can be very difficult to remove. A very helpful product to toss in your tool box is an industrial grade penetrating lubricant.
In addition to bolts, you’ll find plenty of screws holding parts in place, and several types of clamps that secure hoses and fittings. A drill will remove these components as easily as a screwdriver, but you should use a drill that has an adjustable head, as the space between engine parts can be quite narrow.
Pliers are useful for gripping a part while you remove the bolts or screws that hold it in place. If you are removing small components, gripping it with pliers can keep it from falling into the engine compartment. Pliers also help you remove tightly fitted parts after you remove a clamp that secures them in place.
Pry bar
A provider of used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, won’t let you wreak havoc on an engine with a crowbar just to get a few parts, but you can use a pry bar to carefully remove components. If you wish to know exactly what type of tools you can use, just give a seller of used car parts in Austin a call before you arrive at its location.
Small Mallet
A small mallet is useful for tapping parts that are fitted tightly together. Over time, engine residues, dirt, and heat can cause an unintentional seal to form between parts. In most cases, this seal can be broken with a few gentle taps from a wooden or rubber mallet. A small ball peen hammer would work, too.
Even when the sun shines, it can be difficult to see deep into the engine compartment. If you need to pull a component that is overlaid with hoses and wiring a flashlight will help you see what you need to do to remove the component. Be sure to carry along some spare batteries.
What about removing an engine?
If you need to remove a whole engine, the tools above won’t be sufficient for the job. In addition to a wrench set, large socket set, and many other basic hand tools, you will need an engine pulling A-frame to lift the engine out. Because most people don’t have this tool in their garage, Wrench-A-Part provides it free of charge to our customers. We also offer wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting large parts.
If you are looking for used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, Wrench-A-Part is a great place to find them. We offer customer friendly service, and maintain a safe, organized lot to make pulling parts as safe and easy as possible. If you need used car parts in Austin or Belton, call us today, or just stop by one of our locations with your tools.

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