Used Car Parts For Sale In Austin, Texas: How To Shop At Junkyards

If you are shopping for used car parts for sale in Austin Texas don’t forget to look for them at a salvage lot. Unlike garages and individuals that sell pre-owned auto parts, salvage lots offer a steep discount that most sellers can’t match. If you have never shopped for used car parts in Austin at a salvage lot, below is a checklist of things to remember before you embark on an excursion to Wrench-A-Part, the leading seller of salvaged car components in Austin.

Check The Inventory Online

You can save time by checking online to see if the lot contains the vehicle that you need components from. Wrench-A-Part keeps a meticulous online inventory of automobiles that is updated daily. If you are looking for used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, checking our website is the easiest way to locate the vehicle you need.

Bring Your Own Tools

You will need to bring basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, etc. These tools should be sufficient to remove most parts. If you need to remove a whole engine, Wrench-A-Part will provide you with an engine pulling A-frame to use while you are in the lot.

Ask About Transport Equipment

Wrench-A-Part will also supply you with a wheelbarrow or wagon to transport parts to the payment destination. This equipment can be very helpful for transporting a collection of small components of several large pieces to the payment destination.

Pay Attention To Safety Rules

Salvage lots that sell used car parts in Austin typically have strict safety rules for the lot. Wrench-A-Part is no exception. Before you visit one of our locations, be sure to check out our safety rules online so you know what to avoid while you are on the property.

Inquire About A Warranty

We offer a warranty option of $1 per part per day. Depending on the type of component you buy, insuring for a few weeks or longer may be a good option. Our helpful staff will advise you on the benefits of a warranty for the components you buy.

Call Us Today

Wrench-A-Part has a large inventory of used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas. We also have locations in Belton and Lubbock. If you need used parts in Austin or the surrounding area, visit our website and check out our inventory today.

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