Used Car Parts

Whether you’re needing to replace an entire engine or just a single tire, buying used car parts has many benefits vs buying new. The huge reasons are that they cost less and they are surprisingly durable. There are countless other benefits but here is a list of a few of them.

Junk Yards Have Better Value

For those willing to pull their own parts, inside a junkyard their are thousands of parts available. If your particular car is available odds are you are in for a load of savings. Manufactures price parts based on supply and demand. Of course it’s more expensive because it’s new but there are many factors diving the price of the part up. Similar to purchasing a car where the value drops as soon as you drive it off the lot, same goes for car parts. Buying used car parts has a better value where you’re not paying for it to depreciate.

High Availability 

At Wrench-A-Part we receive fresh vehicle inventory everyday by the dozens. We also have thousands of vehicles in inventory. If the used car part you need isn’t in one of our five junk yards then there’s is a high probability that we will be getting what you need in shortly. Not only that, on our website their is the option to search inventory. If the vehicle you need is not in inventory, then there is the option to sign up to be notified by text or email when your vehicle does arrive!

Saving the Earth By Recycling

Buying used car parts is recycling which benefits the environment. This helps reduce industry’s production of new auto parts which in turn aides the Earths atmosphere. The sale of used car parts  is believed to save 85 million barrels of oil every year.

Meets OEM Standards

Original car parts, whether it’s used batteries, tires, sheetmetal, engines, transmissions or others each meet OEM specs derived from another person’s vehicle. Each of these parts were checked and passed industry standards so it will also be the same for when you use a part from the car.


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