Used Auto Parts for Tuner Cars: What You Can Find at Junkyards

Tuner cars are vehicles that are upgraded with aftermarket auto parts after they roll off of the assembly line. Because comprehensive tuner car projects can take tens of thousands of dollars to complete, drivers who perform the projects tend to keep the vehicles for a long time.

However, like other types of consumer vehicles, some tuner cars inevitably end up on the wrong side of an insurance claim after a wreck, are “totalled” by the insurance company, and sold to a junkyard. There are any number of used auto parts from tuner parts that you could find at a junkyard. Below are three examples.

1. Turbo Drive and Manifold

Investing in a top-notch, aftermarket turbo drive and manifold set could easily cost you five figures, but you won’t pay that much if you buy them as used auto parts. Unlike tuner parts that are designed to make an aesthetic splash, turbo drives and manifolds are primarily installed for performance. That’s why it’s a good idea to insure them with a parts warranty at the time of purchase.

2. Designer Wheels and Rims

Nothing screams “tuner car” like designer wheels and rims. Whether you like rims that have a matte finish that disappears in the night or a chromed finish that could show Medusa her reflection, you could save some serious money by pulling them from a wrecked tuner car.

Unless the wreck damaged the wheels and rims, they’re likely to look almost perfect. If there’s one thing that owners of tuner cars do, it’s take good care of their vehicles.

3. Mufflers and Accessories

If you like to drive a car that let’s people know you’re coming up the street, you may be able to find exactly the type of annoying muffler you need at a junkyard. Jokes aside, aftermarket mufflers are often customized for specific types of cars. If someone wrecks his tuner car, he’s likely to leave the muffler attached, unless he plans on replacing the car with a clone.

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