Tips for Getting Reliable Components and Used Auto Parts

Many junkyards sell used auto parts for at least 50% less than the original price. But the savings don’t mean much if you buy components that are unreliable, soon malfunction, and bring you back to square one: Going to a junkyard in search of an inexpensive, reliable replacement part.

In this entry, we present four tips that can help you avoid the situation above. Buying used auto parts that deliver excellent reliability is a guessing game for some drivers, but the pointers below will help you avoid unreliable components, and buy reliable ones the first time around.

1. Shop at a Professional Junkyard

“Mom and pop” junkyards that look more like a scene from Mad Max than places where you would source auto parts may offer the lowest prices, but they also tend to offer less reliable parts.

For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for these amateur junkyards not remove recalcitrant parts from vehicles that have legal lemon status, but removing the parts is something that almost any professionally operated junkyard would do before placing the cars in the salvage lot.

2. Buy the Newest Parts You Can

Auto manufacturers frequently change up the body style of vehicles without changing all of the parts under the hood and elsewhere on the automobile. If fact, some of the same parts are commonly used for several model years, consecutively.

The newer the parts you buy, the less wear they generally have. In terms of reliability, this is why it’s good to invest in the newest used parts that fit your automobile.

3. Inspect Parts for Obvious Wear

On metal parts, look for rust and other signs of corrosion. On plastic and rubber parts, check for cracks and any type of material/substance that may have been applied to correct them. When inspecting rubber hoses, squeeze them gently and see if it feels like they pop or crack inside. If they do, they’re probably aging from the inside out and wouldn’t offer the best reliability.

4. Invest in a Used Parts Warranty

Some junkyards offer warranties for used auto parts. For example, we offer a warranty that runs you $1 per part, per day. Of course, a warranty doesn’t guarantee parts will be reliable, but it does guarantee that you’ll receive a refund or free replacement components if the parts you buy are unreliable.

For us and our customers, our parts warranty program is a win-win situation. It helps us earn revenue, and it gives our customers the peace of mind they need when buying used parts.

Looking for Reliable, Used Auto Parts?

If so, we invite you to check out the online vehicle inventory for our Texas location closest to you: Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. We’re a professionally operated junkyard that only sells usable parts and gives you the opportunity to protect your purchase with a warranty.

We frequently receive new salvage vehicles. If we don’t have the vehicle you need parts from right now, check back shortly, or request us to give you a courtesy call when the vehicle arrives. We look forward to hearing from you!


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