Is It Safe to Buy Lemon Car Parts?

We often say an unreliable vehicle is a “lemon”. But there’s a difference between a car that’s unsound and one that’s considered a lemon in a legal sense. Legally, a lemon vehicle is one that has a significant safety problem or mechanical defect the auto dealer can’t fix within a certain number of tries.

State and Federal Lemon Law

Lemon cars are such a problem for consumers that a branch of law was developed to deal with the phenomenon. Known as “lemon law”, it exists at both the state and federal levels. Each state has different lemon laws. Federal lemon law is established by the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

Under state lemon law, a car is a lemon if the defect can’t be repaired within a certain number of tries (usually about three), within a certain mileage range (usually below 20,000). Under federal lemon law, a car gets lemon status if its defect can’t be repaired within a  “reasonable” number of tries while the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

According to most state laws, lemon car owners get a free replacement vehicle and surrender their lemon vehicle. Under federal law, you get a cash award and can keep the lemon vehicle. This is how most lemon vehicles end up in junkyards. Someone gets the cash award, and then  liquidates the car to a junkyard that sells used auto parts near Belton, or another city.

Parts From a Lemon are Safe?

Parts from lemon cars are usually quite safe and reliable when you get them from a professionally operated junkyard. The business removes the car’s defective parts and leaves non-defective parts. Because lemon cars undergo numerous repair attempts, it’s very clear which parts should be removed and which ones are fine to leave in place.

Furthermore, not only are parts from lemon cars safe to buy, but they’re often some of the newest parts you find in the salvage lot. Most lemon vehicles exhibit defectiveness early on. When they reach a seller of used auto parts near Belton, they’re often less than two years old. If only it weren’t for those nagging defects, the cars would be years away from being junked.

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