How Used is Too Used When It Comes To Used Auto Parts?

Unless they have value as vintage pieces or antiques, the older most things are, the less money they’re worth. You can see this principle in action when you browse through the inventory of a salvage yard, searching for a replacement part for that component on your vehicle that needs to be swapped out.

Ironically, though, it’s that technical lack of monetary value that makes used auto parts in Lubbock junkyards monetarily valuable to you, the consumer. Even so, you don’t want to pay pennies on the dollar for a used part that soon fails. That brings us to the question asked in the title of this entry: When it comes to used auto parts in Lubbock, how used is too used?

The Decision is Yours

Professional junkyards that sell used auto parts in Lubbock don’t knowingly sell defective parts. Before they buy a vehicle, they inspect it — and many of them inspect it again before it’s placed in the salvage lot. Any parts that show obvious damage or appear ready to malfunction are removed.

This significantly lowers the chance that you’ll end up with a bad part, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility altogether. These are used parts, after all, and some of them come from badly

wrecked cars. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your due diligence, and look for the following six indications of significant wear that a busy parts specialist may have overlooked or judged to be acceptable based on the advanced age of the vehicle.

  • Numerous, small cracks on the surface of rubber parts
  • Cracks in metal, plastic, or glass
  • Rubber hoses that crackle on the inside when pressed
  • Metal parts that don’t fit flush with adjoining parts
  • Wires dangling at the point of connection instead of being harnessed
  • Metal parts with rust that penetrates below the surface

These aren’t the only possible signs that a part may not deliver the safety or longevity you need, but they’re common signs of wear that eventually appear on many types of used auto components. If you have concerns about the appearance of a used auto part, ask a parts specialist before you buy. Knowledge is power when it comes to used auto parts!

Who We Are

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