Is it Safe to Used Rusty Auto Parts?

Rust is an oxide of iron that forms when iron and oxygen undergo a “redox reaction” when water or air moisture is present. The result of the chemical reaction is a car’s worst enemy: unsightly brown splotches that can cause more than aesthetic damage. In addition to making a car look like a junker, rust can also make it run like a junker by causing parts to crack and break.

This brings us to an important question for consumers shopping for used auto parts in Lubbock: Is it safe to buy rusty parts?

The Reality of Rust

Rust forms on the surface of metal. However, if it’s left in place, it eventually devours the entire piece, changing the microstructure and turning it into a grainy, dark pile of what was once healthy metal.

Because most vehicles contain iron alloys that are susceptible to rust, it’s quite common to see cars on the road that have rusty parts. Are those parts ticking time bombs that are about to break? Not necessarily.

As long as rust is confined to the surface, a rusty part can be just as strong as a non-rusted one. The component doesn’t look so great, but it can function fine. The point at which you need to start worrying is when the part shows pitting on the surface, and rust falls away in bits or flakes when the surface is agitated with, say, a wire utility brush.

If a rusty part looks like it still has good dimensional stability, chances are it does. If you want to be absolutely certain, you can scratch the surface with a wire. If the wire pierces through a light layer of rust and reveals healthy metal underneath, the part is most likely dimensionally sound.

No Rust is Preferable

You may be able to get buy with using rusted auto parts, but non-rusted parts are obviously better. They look nicer, and you don’t have to worry about rust degrading their strength. However, if you’re in the position where you need to buy used auto parts in Lubbock that show rust, there’s always the option of applying a rust removal solvent that chemically destroys the unsightly substance.

The key is to use the solvent while rust is only on the surface. If you use it after rust progresses to the point of pitting the metal, the solution won’t do much good. Neither will anything else, except replacing the part.

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