Used Auto Parts in Lubbock, Texas: What Types of Cars Do Salvage Lots Accept?

Salvage lots for vehicles (a.k.a. junkyards) buy “junk vehicles” and sell their parts to consumers. Wrench-A-Part is an example of this type of business. We buy junk cars and sell their used auto parts in Lubbock, Texas, as well as Austin, Texas, and Belton, Texas. If you would like to liquidate your junker to a salvage lot that sells used auto parts in Lubbock, Texas, but you aren’t sure if your car is salable, check out the following list of vehicles that junkyards commonly buy.

Wrecked Vehicles

Wrecked vehicles are perhaps the most commonly found automobiles in salvage lots. Although a wrecked car may no longer be drivable, there is a good chance that it still contains usable parts under the hood, in the cabin, and on the body. If you were recently in an auto accident that “totaled” your vehicle, chances are that you can still sell the automobile to a salvage lot.

Lemon Vehicles

In most states, lemon vehicles are automobiles that have a persistent mechanical problem that cannot be repaired in a certain number of tries within a certain range of miles. A federal statute, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, also applies to lemon vehicles. Because they are usually relatively new and contain plenty of usable parts, lemon vehicle are typically quite easy to sell.

Worn Out Vehicles

If you have a car that you drove until it quit operating, and repairing it would require more money than the vehicle is worth, selling it to a salvage lot is an excellent option. Even though the car isn’t drivable, it’s likely to be worth hundreds of dollars to a junkyard. In addition to paying you for the automobile, a customer-oriented junkyard will also tow away the car free of charge.

Used Vehicles

In addition to junkers, some salvage lots buy used vehicles that still drive. Auto dealerships are also interested in buying such vehicles, but selling them to a junkyard often yields the biggest return. Compared to the average auto dealership, a professionally operated junkyard has relatively low operating costs, which allows it to make competitive offers for used vehicles.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

If you want to liquidate your vehicle to a salvage lot that sells used auto parts in Lubbock, Texas, contact Wrench-A-Part. We buy wrecked vehicles, lemon vehicles, worn out vehicles, and used vehicles that still operate. We run a bustling business, so we always need new vehicles in our inventory. To learn if we need your automobile in our salvage lot, call our Lubbock location today at (806) 748-5865, or use our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!


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