Top Prices Paid By Salvage Yards

It’s not easy getting rid of your car after spending so much time and money on it, not to mention the memories. However, it’s something you may have to eventually do, which may not be so difficult if you at least get a good rate for it.

Your junk car’s worth depends mainly on who you approach to sell it to. If your car is rather old, a unique or vintage car, a lemon or it doesn’t look great but is in great working condition, the junkyard may be the best place to sell your car.

Better rates for vintage, luxury, and common cars

Salvage yards do quote good rates for old used cars because there is so much demand for junk yard used car parts. The rates increase if your car is a common model or brand that most people use, which means there’s a higher chance of people looking for used car parts from that model. Junkyards also pay better for vintage and luxury cars as they serve a niche in the used car sector.

As it’s possible to determine the market value of your salvage car, it’s better to do so before heading to the junkyard. Generally, the rate depends on the current market rates for the same car in the same used condition.

The factors that affect the rough price of your salvage car are the repair costs needed to get the car into running condition again and the present market price for scrap metals. As salvage yards can quote higher used car part prices for rarer cars, depending on the make, model and year, you can expect better rates if you too have a rare car.

Make comparisons before buying

Like anything else, it is always better to do some market research first and make some comparisons before you sell your car to the junkyard. You will have to visit at least three different local dealers or services so that you get at least three offers to compare, consider and select from. When doing your research, you will learn what car dealerships pay in the area and thus are in a better position to negotiate a better price.

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