Top Prices Paid By Salvage Yard

Selling your junk car is a great idea because junkyards give good used car part prices. However, you can get the best rates only if you do things right. Don’t commit the same mistakes many people make when selling their car to salvage yards.

By avoiding mistakes, you will be able to get the top prices paid by salvage yards and the best rates for junk yard used car parts. Below are some tips to help avoid mistakes that could cost you.

1. Taking the vehicle to the salvage yard

There’s no point in you spending time and money transporting your vehicle to the salvage yard. Yes, it’s true that some junkyards do make customers pay for towing. But there are also many lots that tow your vehicle to their junkyard free. So even if your car is drivable, you can save money having it towed to the salvage yard instead of going through the hassle and expense of doing it yourself.

2. Selling in parts instead of as it is

While most junkyards buy lemon cars, there are also some that buy running condition vehicles. If your vehicle is one of them, don’t sell it to the junkyard as junk. But instead, sell it as a drivable vehicle. You can get a better rate for drivable vehicles from junkyards than auto dealerships because salvage yards have a low overhead.

3. Collecting only one bid

Don’t make the mistake of accepting the first and only bid you get because different junkyards give different quotes. Collect a few bids from a few salvage yards, and compare them before making your final decision.

While some of them do quote fair prices, others tend to haggle with the customer to buy the car at a really low rate. It’s better to collect at least three bids before making your final choice.

4. Obliging to a later payment

You have to relinquish your ownership of the car to the lot once you sell your car for junk yard used car parts. Make sure you are paid on the spot and don’t agree to have the check sent to your home or your office later on. Always avoid buyers who make these suggestions, as other junkyards give you your money on the spot.

If you have to sell an old or used vehicle, you now know the mistakes to avoid so that you get the best used car part prices. You can easily avoid all these mistakes if you sell your car to Wrench-A-Part. They not only pay you a fair price on the spot, but they also tow your vehicle away for free.

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