Tools You Need In Used Car Part Removal At A Salvage Yard

Car part removal preparation at junk yards means collecting the right tools. As you know, most salvage yards do not provide the needed equipment for taking used parts from old vehicles. The best way to remove parts at junk yard lots is to bring your own tools. The tools you bring to the yard depend on the types of parts you need from the vehicles at the junk yard. Here are some of them:

  • Oil. Penetrating oil may not be a solid item you can carry to the salvage yard, but it is a very useful tool in removing stubborn car parts such as bolts, and nuts. This oil lubricates crevices that free the stuck parts of the old car. It is a very handy assistant to have at the yard.
  • A-frame. The engine pulling A-frame is the tool you need to remove an entire engine without stress or strain. Many lots provide A-frames free of charge. Even so, you still need to work the equipment by yourself. Bring along someone knowledgeable about the A-frame so that you can finish the engine removal faster.
  • Pliers. Pliers help accomplish the removal of most old car parts. Locking pliers are useful for keeping stubborn components such as nuts and bolts in place. You can also bring regular pliers, type-side-cutters, channel lock pliers, and needle nose pliers.
  • Rachet wrenches. You don’t need to bring an entire collection of wrenches with you. Ratchet wrenches are suitable partners in removing difficult bolts and bolts in very tight spaces.
  • You own battery. Bring your own 12 Volt battery when you go to salvage yards. Make sure you also have alligator clips and jumper cables. This is a very useful tool in testing electrical parts such as radios and power door locks. If there are no keys, you can also open locked trunks and doors with this.
  • Screwdrivers. Many car components are secured by screws. Bring various sizes of flathead and Phillips screwdrivers to help remove such parts.
  • Markers and a notepad. A marker and a notepad can help you remember the junkyard car parts that you need. With these tools, you can also write down measurements.
  • A rubber mallet or a hammer. Certain car components may be stuck because of compressed engine fluids and dirt. You can remove weakly bonded components with your hand. Use a mallet or a hammer to remove components that have stronger bonds.

Complete your car part removal preparation at junk yards first before you go. Remember that the best way to remove parts at junk yard components is by doing so safely with the right tools.

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