Tools You Need In Removing Used Car Parts

Acquiring junk yard parts can be worth your while if you are willing to spend time and effort in visiting salvage yards. It is true that the car parts you get from salvage yards are already used. You should know what you are searching for, how to remove those parts, and which parts should come off to repair or replace what you already have. Auto part removal needs tools so that you can accomplish the job with ease. Take note that most salvage yards do not provide the labor or the tools to help you out.

Remember that the necessary tools for removing car parts depend on which parts you require. Be prepared by taking the following tools:

  • A set of screwdrivers. Don’t forget a set of flat head and Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes. Many engine parts are supported by screws and bolts. If the part you need is secured by screws, you can remove it with your screwdriver set.
  • A set of rachet wrenches. A rachet wrench set is a vital tool to have when you go to a salvage yard. Rachet wrenches are better than traditional wrenches because they can help remove those bolts in very tight spaces. They also give you more grip in unscrewing bolts. You won’t need to bring other types of wrenches if you already have a rachet wrench set.
  • A sturdy wire or C-clamps. It is possible for long parts to warp if you let them hang loosely as you remove their screws and bolts. A study wire or C-clamps are useful in keeping those long parts in place as you remove the screws and bolts that secure them under the hood.
  • A rubber mallet or a medium size hammer. Having a mallet or a medium size hammer helps you break the tough bonds that keep some parts in place. These bonds may be caused by compressed engine fluids and grime.
  • Pliers. Bring channel lock pliers, type-side-cutters, regular pliers, needle-nose pliers, and locking pliers to help you remove the car parts that you need. Locking pliers are especially useful in holding difficult nuts and bolts.
  • Your own battery. You should bring jumper cables (with alligator clips) and your own 12 Volt battery. This way, you can test different electrical parts such as power seat motors, power door locks, and radios. You can also use a battery in opening car doors and trunks without using keys.
  • An engine pulling A-frame. This helps remove an entire engine easily and safely. Some salvage yards provide this, but you must operate it by yourself. Familiarize yourself with how it works before you go to the salvage yard.

Auto part removal requires patience and knowledge. Once you have the necessary tools, you can be certain that your hunt for junk yard parts will always be hassle-free and safe.

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