Tools To Use when Removing Junk Yard Parts

No matter how big your toolkit may be, it’s not practical lugging the entire set around a junkyard. You also can’t go there unprepared without any tools. Here’s a list of some important and necessary tools to carry with you to remove junk yard parts.

1. Pliers

Carrying one of each type-side-cutters, needle-nose, regular, locking and channel lock pliers really help tackle most auto part removal jobs. The locking type is especially useful for holding stubborn nuts or bolts.

2. Ratchet wrench set

Instead of hauling a complete set of wrenches, a set of ratchet wrenches suffices. It works just like traditional wrenches but gives a better grip for unscrewing bolts, especially the bolts in tight spaces.

3. Battery

It’s worth carrying a 12V battery and jumper cables with alligator clips to test electrical parts like power door locks, radios, power seat motors, etc. It’s also useful for opening trunks and doors without keys.

4. Screwdriver set

You need to bring along a set of various sized Phillips and flathead screwdrivers for removing engine parts that not only have sturdy bolts but also support screws.

5. Notepad and markers

If you need some small junk yard parts, and can’t rely on your memory to reference them, pouches, a marker, and a notepad can help. You can store hardware separately in them and note down important measurements.

6. Clamps or wire

Sometimes you need to hold some parts in place while removing the bolts and screws that secure them. This is when you need clamps or some strong wire to hold them in place. This prevents the junk yard parts from warping from their weight as they hang loose while you remove their screws and bolts.

7. Oil

It may be surprising to think that oil plays a part in junkyard auto part removal. However, it’s very necessary for removing junk yard parts because time leaves most bolts, nuts and other fixtures stuck in place. The oil helps free these bolts by lubricating the crevices.

8. A hammer or mallet

Some parts may still remain bonded to other parts because of the heated compression of dirt and engine liquids, even after removing the hardware holding the parts in place. While the weak bonds can be broken by hand, you’ll need a few taps of a hammer or rubber mallet to free the tough bonds.

For more information on auto part removal, just pay a visit to With the right tools, you will be able to remove and take home some quality and useful junk yard parts.

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