Tips for Removing Service Auto Parts Without Damage

One of the main reasons consumers visit a Killeen, Texas, car buyer is to remove self-service used auto parts that are still in good condition, in order to use them as car replacement parts.

However, the condition of the parts you remove depends on more than their quality, while they remain attached to the vehicle you need to remove them from. The manner in which you remove the parts can also have a major effect on their mechanical operation and dimensional stability.

With this in mind, below are three approaches to parts removal that should never be used, because they can damage the very parts that you plan to use as dependable replacement parts for your vehicle.

1. Vigorously Pulling Parts Loose

If you bring wrenches, screwdrivers, and a rubber mallet for tapping parts loose, you shouldn’t have to resort to pulling a part loose using considerable arm strength. And there’s a good reason why you should avoid doing it: You can warp or crack the metal or plastic part you need, which could result in the part having an imperfect fitment with your vehicle.

2. Damaging Other Parts to Get the Part You Need

This often happens because customers perceive the vehicle as “junk”, which, by extension, makes him or her feel like damaging other parts to acquire the part they need to be no problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Junkyards plan to sell all the parts you find in a junk car. If you damage parts to get the part you need, you may be responsible for paying for the damage.

3. Using a flame cutter to Remove Parts

A flame cutter has it place for removing certain type of auto parts, but a junkyard isn’t a place where you should use a flame cutter. Flame cutters can easily damage parts, but of greater concern is the safety hazard that flame cutting poses when used on end-of-life vehicles.

The vehicles often contain flammable engine residues that could ignite. In addition to potentially causing you injury, a fire that erupts is almost guaranteed to make some parts useless due to fire damage. Again, you may be financially responsible for the parts you damage.

About Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that runs professionally operated junkyards in four Texas cities: Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. Because we operate in close proximity to Killeen, the Killeen area is a valuable part of our customer base.

Whether you need to buy self service used auto parts or sell an end-of-life automobile, our prices for purchases and sold auto parts are some of the best in your area. We look forward to helping you sell your end-of life vehicle, or find crucial replacement parts.       

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