Three Sources of Late Model Used Auto Parts at Junkyards

If you drive a late model automobile that needs replacement parts, you may think that your only option is to buy the components new from your auto dealer or a mechanic. However, before you pay top dollar for the parts your require, consider that you may be able to get what you need at a professionally operated junkyard for a steeply discounted price.

Junkyards are well-known for carrying vehicle models that are a few years old but are still commonly seen on roadways, hence a junkyard’s ability to sell pre-owned parts for the vehicles. However, junkyards are also a good source for late model used auto parts. To prove the point, below are three great sources of late model used auto parts at junkyards.

1. Wrecked Vehicles

Wrecked vehicles are “totalled” by insurance companies when the cost of repairing the them exceeds their fair market value. Consequently, it is easily possible for a new car to experience a bad wreck that would make it impecunious for the owner to repair. Obviously, late model wrecked vehicles have some damaged parts, but many of them also contain hundreds of working parts that offer excellent reliability due to their newness.

2. Lemon Vehicles

Lemon vehicles are legally considered unsafe or unreliable to drive due to a persistent safety defect or mechanical problem that the auto dealer can’t repair within a certain number of tries within a certain timeframe and/or range of miles. Because the defect in a lemon car often occurs when the car is quite new, the vehicle is commonly a repository of late model used auto parts that are suitable to use in late model automobiles that are not lemons.

3. Totalled Vehicles

Not all totalled vehicles are badly wrecked. In some cases, all it takes is significant damage to a single, high cost part of a vehicle (e.g., cracked engine block in a high-performance car) to total it. Because the damage is limited, these vehicles typically contain a wide selection of reusable parts that are in excellent condition. Even so, you can often purchase the parts for at least 50 percent less than you would pay to buy them new from an auto dealer or a mechanic.

Looking for Late Model Used Auto Parts?

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