Three Sources of Late Model Auto Parts at Junkyards

By the looks of some junkyards — particularly “mom and pop” operations that use residential land as makeshift salvage lots — finding late model auto parts among their disheveled inventory of old vehicles seems to be quite a challenge. However, when you shop for late model auto parts at a professionally operated junkyard that frequently replenishes the vehicle inventory, you’ll often find three good sources of late model auto parts that are in fine condition.

1. Wrecked Vehicles

Many wrecked vehicles have components that were damaged in the wreck and are not fit for reuse. However, because a wreck often damages a car in only one or two areas, wrecked automobiles often contain many reliable parts that can be used without problem for significant periods of time. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a wrecked car. The vehicle often contains many good components.

2. Lemon Vehicles

Lemon vehicles are automobiles that have a persistent mechanical or safety problem that makes them unfit to drive and can’t be repaired by the auto dealer within a certain number of tries. However, there is often only one part or one operating system that causes the problem. Because the problem often manifests early in the car’s lifespan, the vehicle frequently contains a nice selection of late model auto parts right when it enters the salvage lot.

3. Tuner Vehicles

Tuner vehicles are automobiles that generally have a large selection of aftermarket auto parts installed to help increase driving performance. Because tuner car projects are often completed over a significant period of time, when the cars experience a problem that makes them undrivable and would be too costly to fix, they frequently contain lots of late model, premium auto parts when they enter the salvage lot.

Ready to Shop for Used Auto Parts?

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