Three of the Best Resale Junkyard Cars

A junkyard might not be the first place you think about selling a used car, but maybe it should be. Unlike unscrupulous auto dealers who would cut a penny in half to profiteer, good junkyards have a reputation for offering a price that is a fair value for your end-of-life vehicle.  With that said, some pre-owned cars are more valuable than others, even if they qualify as “junk”. Some of the best cars for parts are the Honda Civic, 1996 and newer, Chevrolet Silverado, 1999 and newer, Toyota Camry, 1998 and newer and Ford F150, 1999 and newer” If you own one of these vehicles in used, but well condition, you have in your possession one of the best resale junkyard cars, and should consult Wrench-A-Part about taking it off your hands.

Honda Accord

Honda has always been known for reliability, but the Accord offers a little style to go along with its workhorse engine. Some people drive their Honda for decades. This means if you have one that’s only about a decade old, it probably has significant resale value. If you own a used Accord, don’t be fooled into selling it for a song, as it is one of the most profitable junk cars.

Toyota Tacoma

In recent years, Toyota has improved the safety of its vehicles, making them sought after on the used market. One of the most sought after models is the Tacoma, which is the highest rated pickup truck for reliability and resale value. If you own an old Tacoma that you would like to be rid of, why not drive it by Wrench-A-Part and let us inspect it? It’s one of the most profitable junk cars, and we may be interested in buying it.

Honda CR-V

Moving on to SUVs, the Honda CR-V is one of the most valuable cars in its class. Like most models from Honda, the CR-V has a long lifespan, and offers excellent performance for most of those years. Combine this with the fact that people like to use the vehicle as both a personal car and a family vehicle, and it’s easy to see why the CR-V has been one of the best resale junkyard cars for several years running.

Let Wrench-A-Part Valuate Your Vehicle

If you own a Honda Accord, a Toyota Tacoma, or a Honda CR-V, you have one of the best resale junkyard cars. If you are looking to get rid of the vehicle, why not let Wrench-A-Part make you an offer? We have a reputation for paying some of the best prices for the most profitable junk cars. Call us today.

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