Things to Avoid as You Pick Your Own Auto Parts

Buying auto parts from a junkyard can save you lots of money, but a successful trip to the salvage lot depends on more than finding the parts you need for a great price. There are also some things that you should avoid as you pick your parts. If this is your first time getting parts at a junkyard, take some time to read about the following things that you should avoid as you pick your own auto parts. Doing so will increase your safety and help you choose quality parts.

Failure to Observe Safety Rules

Most junkyards have a list of safety rules that regulate behavior in the salvage lot. Before you travel to a junkyard, visit its website to see if it has safety rules posted. If it does, read through the rules and make sure you can comply with them. Non-compliance may result in the business manager asking you to leave the premises until you are able to comply with the list of rules.

Buying Corroded/Oxidized Parts

Metal parts that are corroded or oxidized may still work, but how long will they work is the question. It can be difficult to tell how deeply corrosion or oxidation has penetrated a part. Especially risky is buying a part that is inside an irremovable metal housing that has rust or corrosion, as it can be almost impossible to tell whether the part is corroded or oxidized, too.

Handling Large Parts on Your Own

Junkyards that let you pick your own parts expect you to perform the task on your own. If a part is too large for you to handle, be sure to enlist the help of others. Wrench-A-Part provides wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting parts to the payment counter, and supplies engine pulling A-frames for hoisting engines. However, like other junkyards, we do not help you use these resources.

Not Buying Warranties for Parts

Regardless of their price, used auto components are an important investment when you use them to repair your car or truck. Consequently, you should ideally pick your own parts at a junkyard that lets you apply a warranty to what you buy. At Wrench-A-Part, we offer a warranty option of $1 per part per day. Opting for a warranty is the ultimate form of investment protection.

Contact Wrench-A-Part Today

If you plan to pick your own auto parts from a junkyard, avoiding the things above will help make the endeavor a success. At Wrench-A-Part, we have safety rules for our salvage lot listed on our website, so you can take the necessary safety measures before you arrive. We also sell high-quality parts that have plenty of life left, and give you the option to protect the parts with affordable warranties. For more information about our services, call us today at (512) 501-6946.


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