Things That Could Get You Kicked Out of an Auto Salvage Yard in Austin

Junkyards aren’t clubs. There’s not a set of unique requirements you must meet to enter the salvage lot and search for auto parts. However, there are certain things — some of which are common sense and some of which may be a bit unexpected — that most junkyards require you to avoid when you are in the process of perusing auto parts in the salvage lot. In fact, doing the following four things could get you kicked out of an auto salvage yard in Austin.

1. Using a Flame Cutter  

Flame cutters are efficient at cutting pieces of metal, but there are two reasons why an auto salvage yard in Austin doesn’t want you to use them for removing parts: In removing a part, flame cutters can damage other parts; and, most important of all, they can cause engine residues to ignite, creating a blaze that damages auto parts and injures the person who needs to remove them.

2. Smoking While Shopping

In many municipalities, your residence and outdoors are the only places you can smoke tobacco. So, it’s understandable why you might think smoking in an outdoor salvage lot would be no big deal. However, sparks and embers from cigarettes have been known to cause engine fires when they contact flammable residues that are found on used engines. If you smoke, plan on taking a short break while you select the vehicle components you need.

3. Drinking While Shopping

Some people drink on the job and aren’t censored. For example, it’s not terribly uncommon to see a construction contractor let workers drink beer while performing projects that have a decent safety profile. But that isn’t how things operate at a professional salvage lot. Simply put, you need physical balance and a clear head when removing auto parts. If nothing else, save the libations for celebrating all the money you save from buying used auto parts.

4. Wearing Open Toe Shoes

Most auto mechanics learn pretty fast why you need to wear closed toe shoes — preferably work boots with reinforced toes — when handling auto parts: Some of the parts weigh   

quite a bit and can cause a serious injury if you drop them on your foot. An auto salvage yard in Austin will generally let you wear almost any type of close toe shoes, but if you show up in flip flops, there’s a good chance that you will be asked politely to change shoes.

Looking for a Safe Salvage Lot?

If so, you’ll find it at Wrench-A-Part. Our safety rules aren’t designed to make it harder for you to do business. Rather, they’re designed to protect you while you select and remove parts. If you arrive at our location and can’t immediately comply with our safety requirements, simply come back when you can. We would love to sell parts to you, but your safety is our primary concern when it comes to maintaining our spacious inventory of salvage vehicles.

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