The Value of Receiving Free Towing From a Junkyard

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. However, some things can be smaller there, too. For example, if you sell an end-of-life vehicle to a junkyard in Lubbock — or any other city — that requires you to pay to tow the automobile to the salvage lot, you’ll end up with a smaller profit from the sale than you would if you sold it to a junkyard that offers free towing in Lubbock.

Free Towing Equals More Profit

Most people pay for vehicle towing out of necessity. In the junkyard industry at large, this necessity doesn’t exist. There are plenty of auto salvage businesses that provide free towing for vehicles they purchase. If you choose a buyer that makes you pay for towing, you’ll be losing money unnecessarily — and you could lose quite a bit. To get a better idea of what we mean, consider the following, typical expenses that apply to towing automobiles in the U.S.

Base Rate

Also known as a “hook up fee”, the base rate for towing a vehicle is a flat price you pay to engage towing service. A base rate fee of between $35 and $100 dollars is average. However, the base rate for towing a heavy-duty vehicle can be as high as roughly $175.

Mileage Rate

Unless a flat towing fee is offered, expect to pay between $2.50 per mile and $5.00 per mile to tow an average consumer vehicle. However, the mileage rate for towing a heavy-duty vehicle can easily range from nearly $5.50 per mile to $7.50 per mile.

Winch Use

If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch or another odd place that requires the tower to use a winch to extricate the car and get it ready to transport, you’ll pay dearly. Winch use is commonly billed at rates that run from $50.00 per hour to a whopping $200.00 per hour.

So, if you have a common consumer vehicle towed 20 miles to a junkyard that doesn’t offer free towing in Lubbock, you could easily end up forking out about $250 on the conservative side. Considering that the average junk car is typically worth a few hundred dollars, you could conceivably end up with a debt instead of a profit after you sell your end-of-life automobile.

We Offer Free Towing in Lubbock

When you sell a junker to us, free towing is a part of the deal. We know that you’re selling your junker to do more than remove an eyesore from your property or make more space in your garage. You also want to be paid for the vehicle to get the biggest return on the investment you made to buy it. To receive a highly competitive offer, please call us today at (806) 748-5856.

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