The Used Auto Parts That Salvage Yards Buy

Do you know why junk yards buy cars? Well, it’s because these old, used cars are a treasure trove to them. They collect all the useful and usable parts, restore them and then put them up for sale.

It’s worth buying used auto parts from junkyards because these parts perform as well as new parts, but at a fraction of a new part’s cost. If you also plan to buy some used auto parts, here’s a list of the most common used auto parts that salvage yards buy.

1. Brakes

Used brakes have great resale value because they are usually in good condition, and are much cheaper than new replacement brakes. Most junkyards have brake pads, drums, calipers, rotors and fluid lines that you can use in your car.

2. Tires

About 80% of the tires discarded are usually reused and recycled, mainly because tires can last more than 15,000 miles. Junkyards buy tires because most of the junk car tires are not used so much. They sometimes get used sets in new condition, unused spare tires and even specialty tires like all-terrain tires.

3. Interiors

Junk yards buy cars for their interior components. You can get pretty good branded steering wheels, replacement electronics and stock seats at salvage yards for a fraction of the price quoted at dealerships.

4. Body parts

Junk yards sell used parts like doors, fenders, and bumpers after stripping the junk cars to the frame. There are many people who want these external parts to replace damaged parts in their cars.

5. Batteries

It’s very likely that you will find some good and reusable batteries in junkyards. They are worth buying because you never know when you may need one if your car breaks down.

6. Mirrors

You can save money by buying side, rear view or towing mirrors from junkyards to replace broken mirrors. Brand new mirrors, especially those with special features, are expensive to buy, which is why junk yards buy cars for mirrors.

7. Car stereo system

If you are on a budget and need to replace your broken car stereo, you may find something at the junkyard. Junk yards sell used parts like car radios because many have units in reusable and working condition. Mention the features you want in the system like Bluetooth, check the sound quality and make sure it matches your car.

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