The Best Process for Recycling a Vehicle

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that recycling metal is 74 percent more energy efficient than producing new metal. Because roughly 85 percent of a vehicle can be recycled, donating or selling it to an auto recycler can reduce carbon pollution by reducing the energy needed to produce new metal. But to which type of recycler should a junk car be sold or donated? The best process for recycling a vehicle starts with selling or donating it to a junkyard.

Benefits of Selling to a Junkyard

For the seller, there are several benefits of letting a junkyard that participates in auto recycling acquire his or her junk vehicle. If you are considering whether to sell your junker to a junkyard or a metal recycler, consider the benefits of selling it to the former: non-recyclable parts can be sold to consumers as used auto parts, you needn’t worry about removing non-recyclable materials from the vehicle, and you can sell the vehicle to earn some much needed cash.

Parts Are Sold to Consumers

According to the EPA, roughly 15 percent of vehicles are non-recyclable. Especially in new vehicles, some of the non-recyclable parts can be sold to consumers. Examples of car parts that many auto recyclers don’t recycle include: plastic engine fluid reservoirs, tires, and plastic dashboard components. When you sell a car to a junkyard, more of it is technically “recycled.”

No Removal of Non-Recyclables

Some auto recyclers require non-recyclable materials to be removed before they consider recycling a vehicle. If you sell directly to an auto recycler, you may be required to remove things from the vehicle such as upholstery, seating, and non-metal engine parts. When a junkyard acquires your car, you needn’t worry about removing these things. The junkyard performs the work.

Vehicle Can be Sold

Selling your vehicle to a junkyard typically nets you more money than selling it directly to an auto recycler. Many car recyclers only pay for metal, whereas a junkyard pays you based on the resellable components your automobile contains. A junkyard frequently pays hundreds of dollars for a salvage vehicle. If you need some extra cash, contact a junkyard about buying your car.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is a Texas-based, professionally operated junkyard that participates in auto recycling. Whether you sell us your vehicle or choose to donate it, we will ensure that the maximum amount of reusable, non-recyclable auto parts are sold to consumers before scrap metal from the vehicle is sent to an auto recycler. For more information about recycling a vehicle by selling it to a junkyard, give us a call us today at (877) 886-5739, or use our contact form.

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