Used Car Parts for Sale in Austin, Texas: What You Might not Know About Junk Yards

Some people think of junk yards as places where cars go to die, and the mechanically inclined descend upon the vehicles to scour for parts. While these characteristics may be true of most salvage lots, good junk yards are more than merely graveyards for vehicles, where savvy mechanics come to save money on automotive components. Junk yards are places where everyday folks receive help getting the parts they need, and have the option to buy more than parts. If you shop for used car parts in Austin at Wrench-A-Part, you may discover significances about junk yards you never knew before.

They Sell Working Vehicles

Most people come to Wrench-A-Part because we offer some of the best used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, but they can also buy a working vehicle from us. We are not talking about junked vehicles that can still be driven, rather automobiles you could use as your primary vehicle. They run well, often look good, and cost a lot less than you would pay for them at a used car dealer that has a higher overhead than Wrench-A-Part.

They Help You Pull Parts

The average person does not have an engine pulling A-frame in his or her garage. That is why we supply this piece of equipment to anyone who needs to pull an engine from a vehicle in our lot. We also provide free wheelbarrows and wagons for transporting big parts or a collection of small ones to the payment destination. You have to leave the equipment with us when you go, but you can use it as much as you please while you are in our lot.

They Have Strict Safety Rules

Thanks to Hollywood, some people think of junk yards as shadowy places where danger lurks. At Wrench-A-Part, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do we disallow ominous characters to hang around the lot, we do not even let good-natured people smoke a cigarette after they enter the yard. Your safety is one of our top priorities. Anything that could cause a fire, an injury, or a scene out of B grade action flick is prohibited on our premises. If you need used car parts in Austin, Wrench-A-Part is one of the safest places to get them.

They Offer a Warranty

It may seem counterintuitive for pre-owned car components to come with a warranty, but Wrench-A-Part is confident in the quality of the components it sells. That is why we give you the option of purchasing a warranty at a rate of $1 per part, per day. Many of the components we sell are in such good condition that putting them under warranty is not necessary. However, if you are a stickler for investment protection, purchase a warranty – and feel lucky when you do. Some providers of used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, do not offer this option.

Are You Looking for Used Car Components?

If so, come to Wrench-A-Part. We sell some of the best used car parts in Austin. Unlike the stereotypical junk yard, we also sell quality used vehicles, provide equipment to help you pull and transport parts, have a reputation for providing a safe lot, and even offer a warranty on used components. If you are looking for used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, come and visit us today.

Used Car Parts for Sale in Austin, Texas: Why Buy Parts From a Salvage Yard?

A new car comes with a warranty that offers great coverage during a period of the vehicle’s life when it experiences few mechanical problems. After the warranty ends, though, the automobile typically starts acting its age. Reservoirs begin to crack, the alternator might quit, and you will likely have to replace the starter at some point. Buying these components from a dealership or a garage can cost hundreds of dollars, if not more. Add the cost of repair labor to the expense of buying parts and you could easily end up with a four-figure repair bill.

Is there a way for the mechanically disinclined to reduce the cost of the bill?

There is, and it starts with visiting a salvage yard that sells used car parts in Austin. Unlike dealerships and garages, salvage yards sell parts from vehicles that have reached the end of their lifespan, or are “totaled” – a state in which a vehicle would cost more to repair than it would fetch on the market. Some vehicles in salvage lots look used and abused, but they often contain working components that cost far less than new ones. Instead of paying top dollar for a new component, you can buy a used one that works like new.

How it Works

Salvage yards that have used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, charge a small fee for access to the yard. They may also supply equipment to help you remove and transport the part you need. Removing the component, however, is up to you. Be sure to bring tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches to retrieve the component. If you are not car savvy, getting the part on your own might seem unappealing, but doing the job yourself brings greater cost savings. If the salvage yard assists with pulling the component, a labor fee would be added to the price.

After You Have the Part

Once you have the component you need, you can have a dealership or garage install it. Although you will pay for the installation, providing a part from a salvage yard that sells used car parts in Austin will lower the repair bill. Because dealerships and garages earn most of their revenue from labor fees, they should not mind installing the component. However, they may object to installing it if doing so would void a warranty.

If your vehicle is still under warranty, there may be a stipulation regarding what types of parts can be installed. If the vehicle must have new parts installed during the warranty period, voiding the warranty by installing a used component would be counterproductive. If you drive your vehicle past the warranty period, you will have plenty of time to save on repair costs by visiting a salvage yard with used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas.

How Wrench-A-Part Can Help

If your vehicle is past the warranty period and needs to be fixed, getting the repair part from Wrench-A-Part, a seller of used car parts in Austin, Texas will help lower the repair bill. We have a clean, safe lot where components are easy to find and remove. We also provide an online inventory of the vehicles on our lots in Austin and Belton to help you find what you need. If you need used car parts in Austin or Belton, visit our website, or call us today.