Statistics That Quantify the Value of Auto Recycling

Auto recycling has several important benefits, and there are some compelling statistics that prove it. Thanks to information that the green movement has disseminated, most drivers are aware that recycling an end-of-life automobile is a better option than dumping it in a landfill.

However, many drivers are unaware of just how far reaching the benefits of the auto recycling process can be. Below are six revealing statistics that help to quantify the positive results of the auto recycling process, and make an exceptionally strong case for its continuance and growth.

  • The steel industry recycles over 14 million tons of steel from end-of-life vehicles annually — a weight that is roughly equivalent to the amount of steel contained in 13,000 vehicles.
  • Each year, when the amount of steel that is recycled from old vehicles is compared to the amount that is used for new ones, the recycling rate for automobiles is almost 100%.
  • Roughly 65% of the weight of a typical passenger car is comprised of steel and iron. 25% of the steel that is used for new car bodies comes from the auto recycling process.
  • Recycling steel from end-of-life vehicles allows the steel industry to save enough energy annually to supply energy to roughly 18 million residences for an entire year.
  • Recycling only one ton of steel preserves almost 2,500 pounds of processed iron ore, nearly 1,400 pounds of coal, and about 120 pounds of high-quality limestone deposits.
  • Recycling metal requires about 74% of the energy that is needed to create new metal. By conserving energy, auto recycling helps to reduce emissions that harm the environment.

These statistics demonstrate the positive impact that auto recycling has on the automobile manufacturing process, and show some important effects that recycled car metal can have on the environment. If you own an end-of-life vehicle, support the environment by selling or donating it to a professional salvage lot (a.k.a. junkyard) that participates in the auto recycling process.

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Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product — a fact that is partially reflected by the statistics above. By selling or donating your end-of-life vehicle to a salvage lot that participates in auto recycling, such as Wrench-A-Part, you can help to protect the environment, and help companies that manufacture automobiles and auto parts to do the same.

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