Statistics That Quantify the Importance of Recycling a Vehicle

Since the green movement began and recycling of all forms gained prominence as measures that can help preserve the environment, many media outlets have used this point alone to appeal to people to recycle vehicles by selling them or donating them to junkyards that participate in recycling a vehicle, or by selling them to vehicle recyclers. However, some of the strongest reasons to recycle end-of-life cars exist in statistics that address auto recycling.

Vehicle Recycling: Important Statistics

Because junk cars have many parts that can be recycled, statistics for recycling a vehicle can become quite tedious when they are discussed from a parts-based approach. In this entry, we forego speaking about auto recycling in terms of minutia and instead present crucial statistics that address the process of vehicle recycling as a whole. If you have doubts about the popularity or environmental impact of automotive recycling, these numbers add clarity to the matter.

    • End-of life cars are the most frequently recycled consumer product worldwide.
    • Over 25 million tons of materials from old automobiles are recycled annually.
    • Car recycling is the 16th largest U.S. industry, contributing $25 billion to the annual GDP.
    • Cars are the most recycled U.S. product, with 12 million units recycled annually.
    • U.S. auto recycling saves 25 million barrels of oil from use for new car products annually.
    • U.S. auto recycling supplies 40 percent of ferrous metal for scrap processing industry.
    • Yearly, recyclers reclaim toxic auto fluids that equal 8 Exxon Valdez disasters
    • U.S. car recycling yields over 35 percent of ferrous metal to blast furnaces and smelters.
  • Tire recycling literally produces tons of material for creating sandals and roadways.

Even when they learn the statistical importance of recycling a vehicle, many drivers of end-of-life vehicles are unaware of how to initiate the auto recycling process. While you could always sell your automobile straight to an auto recycler, Wrench-A-Part recommends selling it to us instead for three main reasons: We offer highly competitive prices for numerous makes and models of junk cars, provide free towing, and recycle most car components we cannot sell.

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