Should I Recycle My Junk Car Using an Auto Recycler?

In our blog, we often point up the benefits of selling a junk car that you want to recycle to a junkyard instead of selling it to an auto recycling company. However, there are times when selling a junk car to the latter is more advantageous than trying to sell it to the former. Should I recycle my junk car using an auto recycler instead of a junkyard that participates in auto recycling? There are at least two situations in which the answer is yes.

The Vehicle is too Old to be Useful to a Junkyard

Despite being ubiquitously called “junkers”, some end-of-life vehicles that junkyards purchase aren’t so junky after all — at least not concerning the condition of auto parts the automobiles contain. After all, a junkyard can’t make much money on a vehicle that has little if any reusable parts that can be removed and sold to consumers.

Consequently, there are some types of junk cars that junkyards don’t buy, and the vehicles typically fall into two categories: Vehicles that are so old that there is no longer a strong need for their parts, and vehicles that are in such decrepit condition that they have almost no parts to salvage. Offering these types of vehicles to an auto recycler makes perfect sense, as the company is strictly interested in recyclable components and not their condition.

Junkyards Are not Interested in Buying the Vehicle

Professionally operated junkyards that sell a high volume of parts will buy any vehicle whose reusable parts it can sell within a reasonable period of time. As long as the make and model is commonly found on the roadways, most junkyards are highly interested in purchasing it as a junk car and move quickly to make a competitive offer.

However, there also also cases when a car that seems like it would sell to a junkyard doesn’t. Often, one of the main reasons why is that, for one reason or another, junkyard vehicle inventories are saturated with the make and model, and need to save room for storing other types of vehicles. Biding your time may eventually result in receiving an offer, but if you want to liquidate your car quickly, selling it to a recycler is a good option in this situation.

Have a Junk Car You Would Like to Recycle?

If so, Wrench-A-Part would love to inspect the vehicle and see if we need it. If we do, we’ll make you a competitive offer that’s based on the value of the vehicle’s salable parts and any other areas of worth. However, if we don’t need the vehicle, and you would have a better chance of selling it to an auto recycler, we’ll tell you that upfront, so the sale of your car doesn’t remain in limbo.

To receive a free evaluation of your junker, please refer to our contact page to find our location nearest you. We look forward to helping you answer the question: Should I recycle my junk car using an auto recycler or a junkyard that participates in auto recycling?  

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