Selling Your Junk Car for Cash in Austin: Why Does a Junkyard Want Your Vehicle?

If you think the old jalopy sitting in your driveway isn’t worth a dime, think again. Even when vehicles are no longer drivable  and look worse for the wear, they typically hold value to a salvage lot. If you are thinking about selling your junk car for cash in Austin, and you wonder whether the vehicle is really worth something, below are five parts of the vehicle that a salvage lot would probably be willing to pay you money for on top of offering free towing.

The Engine

Selling spare engine parts is how most salvage lots earn the majority of their income. Most undrivable cars have hundreds of engine parts that people are interested in buying for a  discount. However, even if your vehicle experienced an engine fire or is wrecked so badly that the engine is worthless, it may still have value for one of the reasons below.

The Body

Body parts such as doors, trunk lids and hoods are also popular as used automotive components. If the body of your junker hasn’t been dented up too badly, selling your junk car for cash in Austin based on the value of the body alone is probably an option. To find out for sure, call Wrench-A-Part today to receive a free estimate.

The Cabin

Cabin equipment such as seats, steering wheels, gauges, and gear shifts are also desirable as pre-owned auto parts. Like the engine, the cabin of a junker typically contains hundreds of components that can be resold. The cabin of the vehicle doesn’t have to look perfect to be valuable. In many cases, buyers are simply looking for functional pieces to replace broken ones.

The Wheels

Perhaps you didn’t know it, but salvage lots are a great place to find a good set of tires, hub caps, or brake equipment. Many wrecked vehicles arrive in the salvage lot with perfectly good tires, some of which are practically new. Choosing good used tires is something of an art, but if you know what you’re doing, you can save hundreds of dollars by getting tires from a salvage lot.

Scrap Metal

After a car has been picked clean by the customers of a salvage lot, the business can sell the leftover scrap metal to a scrap yard. Therefore, almost every part of a junk car has monetary value to a salvage lot, from the engine to the cabin to the frame. If you think your old clunker lacks value, chances are it doesn’t. Contacting Wrench-A-Part is all you need to do to find out.

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