Selling Your Junk Car for Cash in Austin: Common Mistakes

If you plan on selling your junk car for cash in Austin it is important to take note of some common mistakes people make when they sell vehicles to salvage lots. By avoiding the four mistakes below, you will ensure that you receive the highest bid for your vehicle, are paid promptly, and liquidate the automobile with the least amount of hassle.

Not Receiving More Than One Bid

If the vehicle has been sitting on your property for months, you may as well let it sit a bit longer as you receive more than one bid. Different salvage lots take different approaches to buying cars: some offer fair prices, while others haggle the customer until they receive the vehicle for a song. Receiving three or more bids should give you a good idea of your vehicle’s worth.

Transporting the Car to the Salvage Lot

Some sources say that you can save money by transporting the vehicle to the salvage lot. If the lot makes customers pay for towing, that may be true. However, when a lot offers free towing, having it haul the automobile away for free is the cheapest way to have it taken off your hands. Even if the vehicle is drivable, having it towed for free is still the cheapest option.

Not Getting Paid On the Spot

When you sell a clunker, you relinquish the title to the salvage lot, which means that the lot owns the car. Consequently selling your junk car for cash in Austin should involve getting paid on the spot. If a salvage lot tries to talk you into receiving a check in the mail or stopping by its business office to receive payment, choose a different buyer that will pay you on the spot.

Selling a Working Vehicle as Junk

Although junkyards typically buy vehicles that qualify as “junk,” some of them also buy used vehicles that are in working condition. If you have an old vehicle that still runs, don’t sell it for parts when you could instead sell it as a drivable automobile. Because they have low overhead, salvage lots often pay a better price for old, working vehicles than auto dealerships.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

If you have never sold a vehicle to a salvage lot, selling your junk car for cash in Austin can be a learning experience. To avoid learning the do’s and don’ts of selling junk cars the hard way, it helps to work with a salvage lot that offers great customer service, such as Wrench-A-Part. When they sell us a vehicle, our customers receive a fair price, have the vehicle towed away for free, and are paid on the spot. To learn more about our services, call us today.

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