Selling Your Car Quickly To Salvage Car Buyers

Now that your car has reached the end of its life, you want to sell it at junk car prices. Doing so would compensate you a little for the care you have given your car through the years. Fortunately, you can sell your car to salvage car car buyers who pay in cash for junk car parts and used cars. If you need cash fast, salvage yard car buyers can help you. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Call immediately. Do your homework and see if there are salvage yards in your area or close by. Make sure you look for professionally operated salvage yards. These junk yards are always ready to tow their newly bought used cars back to their lots. Once you finalize your decision in selling your car to a salvage yard car buyer, choose the one you want and call immediately. Most salvage yards have a list. They serve you first if you call ahead of the others. Calling the yard, the same day you decide to sell can put you on their list. The sooner you make it on their list, the quicker you get paid.
  • Never choose salvage yard car buyers who haggle. Your junker car is usually worth only a few hundred dollars. The salvage yard earns a lot more when they sell the parts. There is no reason for the buyer to haggle much, if at all. Haggling prolongs the sale, and this usually results in unfavorable pricing. It is already hard enough to part with your old car. Haggling only makes the effort more heartbreaking.
  • Prepare your Proof of Ownership. The Proof of Vehicle Ownership is an important document. It is required in the legal sale of your car. If you have the proof of ownership when the salvage yard’s tow truck arrives, the sale will happen faster. You can present an auction sales receipt, the owner’s title, a storage lot lien, a repossession affidavit, or the mechanic’s lien, as proof of ownership. The moment you relinquish the ownership of your car, you receive your payment.
  • Position your car properly. Your car needs to be in a towing position before the salvage yard’s tow truck arrives. If your car does not drive anymore, make sure it is set in neutral and then roll it out of the garage. You may need more help in positioning your car if your car is very old. Your car should be on a flat surface with a large space in front for the tow truck to hook it up and load it. The easier it is for them to tow your vehicle, the faster you get paid.

Selling your car to salvage yard car buyers who pay cash for junk car ownership and parts is an easy way to get rid of your junker car. It’s a win-win because you gain room for a new car in your garage, and the salvage yard car buyer profits by selling your car’s parts at junk car prices.

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