Selling Your Car for Cash in Austin: Why Sell a Vehicle to a Junkyard?

If you are an Austin resident who likes to save money by driving your vehicles until they wear out, you should consider letting a junkyard take your old vehicles off your hands when you are done driving them. If you have never liquidated a vehicle to a junkyard that buys salvage cars, below are some reasons to consider selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard.

You Can Earn Hundreds of Dollars

Selling a car for cash in Austin to a junkyard typically pays hundreds of dollars. Salvage lots can earn thousands of dollars from a single vehicle by reselling parts from the engine, cabin, and body. Consequently, they can afford to give car owners a good deal for their used automobiles. If you are committed to getting as much value from your vehicles as possible, selling them to a junkyard when you are finished driving them is the logical way to get rid of them.

You Can Get Free Towing

Having your car towed to a junkyard that doesn’t buy vehicles can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition to charging a fee for connecting the vehicle to the towtruck, the business charges a transportation fee for towing it to the yard. A junkyard that does buy vehicles often waives the fees as a business incentive. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to have the vehicle removed from your property, you can sell it for hundreds of dollars and have it towed away for free.

You Can Save Landfill Space

When vehicles go to literal junkyards, where automobiles and other equipment are compacted and buried in a landfill, they contribute to environmental decay. The more equipment that is disposed of this way, the more landfill space is needed. When you sell your car to a salvage lot, its good parts are sold to customers, and the remaining metal is liquidated to a scrap yard that recycles it. Selling an old car to a salvage lot is an eco friendly way to dispose of it.

You Can Help Others Save Money

For many drivers, buying car parts from a salvage lot is a matter of necessity and not convenience. Automotive parts from a junkyard typically cost over 50 percent less than components from an auto dealership. By liquidating your old automobile to a salvage lot, you help drivers save money on repair parts and extend the life of their automobiles. Even if your vehicle is undrivable, it likely has usable engine parts, cabin components, and body parts.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

If you are interested in selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard, Wrench-A-Part is the company to call. We consistently pay higher prices for salvage cars than the competition. We also offer free towing and can give you an accurate quote fast. For more information about our services, call our Austin location today at 512-501-6946, or click here to use our contact form.

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